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United Nations International Conference on Space-based Technologies for Disaster Management "Multi-hazard Disaster Risk Assessment"
Posted by SDIM / July   18, 2014 / News
The conference will take place from 15 to 17 September 2014 in Beijing, People's Republic of China and is organized jointly with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. The purpose of this conference is to promote the role of space-based and geospatial information in a multi-hazard disaster risk assessment. The event will bring together 120 disaster managers, policy makers, providers of space technology solutions/tools/applications from governments, and representatives of academia, research institutions, NGOs and the corporate sector. Conference topics:Session 1: Disaster Risk Management and Space-based information: This session will discuss experiences and good practices of disaster risk management at different levels, with a focus on the role and contribution of space-based information.
Session 2: Approach and methodology in using space based information in multi-hazard identification and risk assessment This session will discuss the applied research and development on the approaches, models, methodologies, tools, service platforms and operational projects related to multi-hazard identification and disaster risk assessment.
Session 3: Space-based information resources for hazard identification and risk assessment This session will discuss the space-based information advances in remote sensing data, information products, software used for multi-hazard monitoring, data visualization and data dissemination tools for disaster risk assessment.
Session 4: Space-based information for damage and loss estimation This session will discuss the methods and present case studies demonstrating the use of space–based information for disaster damage and loss assessment. This session aims to extend the scope of space-based information beyond emergency mapping, providing valuable information in damage and loss assessment.
Session 5: Networking and engagement with the UN-SPIDER network This session will aim at promoting the engagement of Member States and partner organisations with the UN-SPIDER Pprogramme. The session will discuss best practices of using space-based information and the impacts of the technical advisory support offered through the UN-SPIDER Programme.
How to apply:
Please apply online for participation at
The final deadline for application is 29 June 2014. The organizers will be able to offer support to a limited number of participants from Member States and organisations engaged in developing or intending to develop a partnership with the UN-SPIDER programme. The support will defray the cost of travel (round-trip ticket – most economic fare – between the airport of international departure in their country of residence and Beijing) and/or room and board expenses during the duration of the event.
More information:Read more about the conference at technical matters, please contact Ms. Juanjuan HAN (, Tel: +86 10 5281 1373)